The concise 'Do it in a Day' guide from The Modern Day Networkers
shows you it is possible to increase your Leads, Conversions & Fees

Listen whilst Pete Thornton-Smith sets the scene

The story behind the Modern Day Networkers

Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of working and learning from some really great networkers.  However, I always wondered how to expand on the basic skills of traditional networking to include other aspects that would enable me to complete the journey all the way through to a paying client.  After all you, like me, want to end up there on a more frequent basis don't you?

This led to me creating the introductory talk "How to Convert Strangers into Clients or Contacts" which I have already taken round various events during the last 18 months. These were then followed by a series of in depth on-line masterclasses telling you how to implement the ideas.

Now, we were fortunate to have them recorded and this turned out to be a good decision in view of how difficult it was to repeat the live sessions. We thus had the following series at our disposal:


  • How to Convert Strangers into Clients or Contacts
  • Maximising your investment in Traditional Networking
  • The Opportunities from Social Media
  • Learning the Right Language to Engage People and Build Relationships
  • Getting Paid What You are Worth from Value Based Pricing


I had brought Sue Cleasby and David Winch on board for their expertise on the last two elements and we decided to make the recordings available all at once as a 'total skills package'.

You see, on their own they are powerful, but put them all together and BOOM! 

Now, it goes without saying that you are busy and keen to implement new ideas quickly so you are not going to waste time on a long drawn out course.  It therefore had to fit with the concept of 'Do it in a Day' which I believe it does.

So, simply look down this page and see what we're saying. I hope to have you on board soon as part of the Modern Day Networkers tribe. No more that random networker or Billy No-Mates, but someone who has the potential to increase their leads, conversions and fees.

Introducing The Modern Day Networkers

Sue Cleasby - Owner: Ellice Training, Worthing

Mind Your Language as it could cost you money. Oh this is so true. Listen to NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer Sue Cleasby spell out how easy it is to make the right impression so you get a much better return whenever you communicate with people. This applies both in the work place and even at home!

David Winch - Owner: David Winch Ltd, Cambridge

David walks you through how to get paid what you are worth and get increased fees for doing exactly the same job as you are doing now. He'll show you why you are at such a disadvantage using a day-rate and then tell you his Sales Conversation process.

Pete Thornton-Smith - MD:, Rotherham

Pete offers an overview of the four strands before looking in detail at how people mess up with traditional networking.  Then he walks you through his 8-point strategy to raise your profile on social media so your network are always talking about you and for all the right reasons

To gather us together to do a live event would cost at least £1200 but
to get this message across we are offering it to you for just £297

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Now Here's Exactly What You Get Inside

  • Access to all five masterclasses to watch at your leisure
  • An opportunity to take away new ideas to implement immediately
  • The ability to generate mores leads, conversions and potential income
  • A desire to make networking events more productive and FUN
  • A course that takes less than a day to work through it all
  • A chance to call on the Modern Day Networkers for further advice
  • Invitations to live sessions over the web in the future
  • A means to get paid in advance hence easing your cashflow

Still Not Sure?

If, after watching all five videos within 10 days, you genuinely haven’t seen at least one single idea that you can try out in your business then simply email me and ask for your money back – no quibble, no worries and we will part as good friends.


Check Out The Three Additional Bonuses

  • Character Trait Questionnaire - which of the four are you?
  • NLP Style Survey - what is your dominant communication method?
  • 1:1 Strategy Session - get feedback from Pete about your strategy

To gather us together to do a live event would cost at least £1200 but
to get this message across we are offering it to you for just £297

Check out with PayPal or as a guest for card payments

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